Our island

The beautiful island of Nilandhoo

Nilandhoo is the capital of Faafu Atoll, a region with five inhabited islands. It is the largest and most populated island in the region and includes historical sites such as foah’mathi and Aasaari Miskiy and a school. Foah’mathi is a historical site with a Buddhist temple under it, while Aasaari Miskiy is the second mosque built in the Maldives.

Buddhist remains, including a stupa, are found on the island, indicating that it was inhabited in the past. A team of Norwegian archaeologists conducted an excavation during Thor Heyerdahl’s visit.

The island is 141.57 km southwest of the country’s capital, MalĂ©. Nilandhoo is the largest island in Faafu Atoll and lies in the southern rim of the region. The island is densely populated with easy harbors.

At the end of June 2005, the population of Nilandhoo was 1608, with 806 females and 802 males. The population resides in about 190 houses.

Our people

The people of Nilandhoo